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[ readers' comments ]

"I LOVE this series. I am completely obsessed with the characters. Can you please make more even though you concluded it? I just want to say this is my favorite series EVER!" ~ librarygirl4


"I have loved this series from the start. Every book is just as great as the last and they are all written with amazing detail. It seems so real. This series is a hit! I can't put these books down." ~Madeline


"What a thrilling ride! I,Q is a high octane series, and Alcatraz kept me turning the pages. I can't recommend it highly enough." ~ Middle Shelf Magazine


"Love this series!!! Plz plz plz don't end it! You'll drive me cra cra if you do. I'm already dying for the second. Don't kill me by ending it!!!" ~ Angel


"I forced my reading teacher to buy the whole series because these books are the best! I love how fast paced and exciting they are!" ~Kyla


"I think if you make I,Q into a movie it would be great. It would be very action packed and a cool thing to see." ~Andrew


"The exciting part of the action lasts a little under 24 hours. But it's an amazing, hang-onto-your-seat kind of day." ~National Book Examiner


"I love this series so much that when my sister and I finally found Kitty Hawk at the bookstore we literally screamed so loud I think China heard us." ~Readers' Comments, Book II


"Purchased the first book for my son who is now 12. I was looking for something to read one night so I picked it up. Couldn't put it down! Convinced my now 10 year old to purchase Book II with his birthday gift card. I read it first and finished it last night...LOVE IT!!! The only problem is, I'm dying for Book III. Great book for an adult who wants an easy read, or the kid who wants to be taken away to another world. My boys can't wait to get their hands on Book II now that I am done." ~D.J.

"I'm almost as old as the hills. When my grandniece finished this book she asked if I wanted to read it. I am reading this book and don't want to finish it until your next IQ book is out. This book is so touching, exciting and captures your attention. I love reading books like this. While reading your book I kept in mind who could play the different characters, if you should ever have a chance to make a film from this book. This is great reading for any age." ~Delilah

"I HATE reading but i cant stop reading this book!!" ~Jack

"I thought the book was fantastic! What a page turner for sure! I love how everything is intertwined to make sense and I can hardly wait for the next book to come out! Thank you for writing books that inspire young readers to keep reading."         ~Andi


[ author dossier ]

author dossier
Roland Smith
Author of I, Q the Series
picture of roland smith  

I,Q Book 5: The Windy City is now available at your local bookseller and online! Behind on their school assignments and threatened with boarding school, Angela and Q know they better get busy with more than chasing after the Ghost Cell. But when they learn the identity of the mole and uncover the Cell's next plot there is no time for school work! Can Q, Angela and the ever-mysterious Boone protect the Windy City?

The final book in the I,Q series, Alcatraz will release Fall 2014!

Meet coauthor Michael P. Spradlin...

SBP: Mike, you're making your first appearance as coauthor in Book 4: The Alamo. How does it feel to join Match and the gang on tour?

MS: It's exciting, exhilarating, and truthfully, a bit nervewracking. I look at the first three books as a giant tapestry. Q, Angela, and the others have started tugging at the loose strings on this tapestry and every string is leading them to a different place. But they're all ocnnected. In Book 4: The Alamo, readers can expect more  clues about the true identity of the Ghost Cell. It's going to be a fun ride!

Q & A with Roland Smith...

Roland, in the I,Q Series, you’ve written about two pretty amazing kids. In addition to adjusting to a newly blended family and their parents’ instant success, Q and Angela are thrown into some really scary situations. How have they coped so well and what can your readers learn from them?


Answer: Q and Angela's skills complement each other making them stronger as team than they are as individuals. They are able to share their fears openly with each other and this lessens impact of the frightening situation they have stumbled into. They are not only half brother and sister, they are becoming true friends. We all need a friend to lean on when the chips are down.


"I’m often asked why I write books.  The answer is that I write about what's important to me, and what is most important to me in all of my novels are the characters. I care about what happens to them just as you do when you’re reading my novel.”

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Roland Smith was just five years old his parents gave him an old manual typewriter that weighed more than he did! It was his favorite possession. Of course, when he was five he didn't know how to spell and barely knew how to read, but he loved the sound and the look of the letters on the crisp white paper.

Things haven't changed all that much, Smith still spends several hours a day in his room clacking away, and still loves the sound of the keyboard. Today, however, Smith is known for such award-winning titles as Sea Otter Rescue, Journey of the Red Wolf, Thunder Cave, Jaguar, Peak and Zack's Lie, and has a faithful audience of both fiction and non-fiction readers.

Smith majored in English and biology at Portland State University with a goal of becoming a writer. A college work-study program led him to part-time work at the Portland children's zoo, which he thought might provide some interesting writing material. Instead, the program led to a more-than-twenty-year career in zoo keeping, first at Portland's main zoo, and then at the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, Washington, where Smith became general curator and assistant director, as well as senior research biologist.

In his noteworthy career, Smith led the team of biologists rescuing the sea otters after the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989 and re-introduced the nearly extinct red wolf back into its native habitat of North Carolina, South Carolina and Mississippi.

In 1995, Roland transitioned from his work as a research biologist to become a full-time writer.

Through his writing and school visits, Roland Smith works to educate a new generation of kids about what is important to him. Whether it is animals at the brink of extinction, or the environment, Smith tackles subjects that he is passionate about. In his new middle grades novel, I, Q, Smith addresses international terrorism coupled with the music industry. Smith delayed writing about terrorism until he was certain that it would not be going away at any time in the near future. He feels that I, Q opens the door to much-needed discussion. Raised in the music business, Smith decided to incorporate those experiences as a back-drop for this fast paced, cross-country adventure.


Visit Roland's website



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writing about terrorism

"I have wanted to write about international and domestic terrorism for many years, but hesitated, hoping that it would simply go away. Unfortunately, it looks like it is here to stay for a long time to come. The I,Q series seemed like a perfect vehicle to examine this complicated and real threat to our current and future existence. There is a world war going on, but most of us are blissfully unaware of it. We need to know who we are fighting and why we are fighting them. The music business plays in the background of these novels. The contrast of celebrities performing in the light and terrorist and spies skulking in dark provided me the perfect canvas on which to write these thrillers."

- Roland Smith, 2008