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[ readers' comments ]

"I LOVE this series. I am completely obsessed with the characters. Can you please make more even though you concluded it? I just want to say this is my favorite series EVER!" ~ librarygirl4


"I have loved this series from the start. Every book is just as great as the last and they are all written with amazing detail. It seems so real. This series is a hit! I can't put these books down." ~Madeline


"What a thrilling ride! I,Q is a high octane series, and Alcatraz kept me turning the pages. I can't recommend it highly enough." ~ Middle Shelf Magazine


"Love this series!!! Plz plz plz don't end it! You'll drive me cra cra if you do. I'm already dying for the second. Don't kill me by ending it!!!" ~ Angel


"I forced my reading teacher to buy the whole series because these books are the best! I love how fast paced and exciting they are!" ~Kyla


"I think if you make I,Q into a movie it would be great. It would be very action packed and a cool thing to see." ~Andrew


"The exciting part of the action lasts a little under 24 hours. But it's an amazing, hang-onto-your-seat kind of day." ~National Book Examiner


"I love this series so much that when my sister and I finally found Kitty Hawk at the bookstore we literally screamed so loud I think China heard us." ~Readers' Comments, Book II


"Purchased the first book for my son who is now 12. I was looking for something to read one night so I picked it up. Couldn't put it down! Convinced my now 10 year old to purchase Book II with his birthday gift card. I read it first and finished it last night...LOVE IT!!! The only problem is, I'm dying for Book III. Great book for an adult who wants an easy read, or the kid who wants to be taken away to another world. My boys can't wait to get their hands on Book II now that I am done." ~D.J.

"I'm almost as old as the hills. When my grandniece finished this book she asked if I wanted to read it. I am reading this book and don't want to finish it until your next IQ book is out. This book is so touching, exciting and captures your attention. I love reading books like this. While reading your book I kept in mind who could play the different characters, if you should ever have a chance to make a film from this book. This is great reading for any age." ~Delilah

"I HATE reading but i cant stop reading this book!!" ~Jack

"I thought the book was fantastic! What a page turner for sure! I love how everything is intertwined to make sense and I can hardly wait for the next book to come out! Thank you for writing books that inspire young readers to keep reading."         ~Andi


[ character dossiers ]

character dossiers
Meet some new characters from I,Q Book II!

Will (short for Willingham)

aka P.K. for President's kid
Age:  10
Clever, curious and persistent

Agent Charlie Norton

Secret Service
President's Inner Circle


Malak's partner in the Ghost Cell

Bethany Culpepper

Teen daughter of POTUS
Took on role of First Lady after her mother's death


Anmar's adopted mother
Part of Ghost Cell network
The cast of characters appearing in
Book One: Independence Hall


aka Q
Age: 13, parents divorced
Mother: Blaze Munoz - singer
Father: Peter Paulsen aka Speed - guitarist
Interests: magic


Age: 15
Father: musician
Mother: deceased
Interests: journaling, taekwondo

Tyrone Boone

Age: Unknown
Retired CIA operative
Cover: driver/roadie
Head of SOS, freelance intelligence firm
Interests: Spy Fi Fanatic, James Bond aficionado


aka: Croc
Age: Unknown
Blue Heeler - Border Collie mix

Blaze Munoz - Q's mom


Roger Tucker - Angela's dad


Eben Lavi - Anti-terrorist Specialist

Head of the Mossad team (Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations)
Seeking to revenge his brotherÕs death


> aka the Angel
Lebanese birth
Emigrated to U.S. when adopted
Secret Service Agent: deceased


Lebanese birth
aka the Leopard

JR Culpepper

President of the United States
aka Mr. Potus
Former Director of the CIA

Dirk Peski

Cover: paparazzi


Cover: Mossad
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writing about terrorism

"I have wanted to write about international and domestic terrorism for many years, but hesitated, hoping that it would simply go away. Unfortunately, it looks like it is here to stay for a long time to come. The I,Q series seemed like a perfect vehicle to examine this complicated and real threat to our current and future existence. There is a world war going on, but most of us are blissfully unaware of it. We need to know who we are fighting and why we are fighting them. The music business plays in the background of these novels. The contrast of celebrities performing in the light and terrorist and spies skulking in dark provided me the perfect canvas on which to write these thrillers."

- Roland Smith, 2008